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Writer's Block: So far so good

What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

I haven't seen any movie this year... I select what I watch. The best book for me this year is the Hunger Games Series.

Writer's Block: Legend has it ...

Do you have a favorite paranormal story and/or urban legend? When did you first hear it? What's the story behind the story?

Yes... And I know many of them (You can ask me more if you want...). The victim of an accident of an illegal drag race still haunts the road for those who dare race with death... (It's a danger prone road and there has been several accidents of losing control, failing brakes, falling into a deep ditch and recently... by fear.)

Headline: Killed because of vandalism!

                                                                        I'm serious this time around since this is a real issue at my place (maybe it occurs on your place too, who knows?). I just made that title eye-catching because it needs (only)some serious attention. It's about writing, and not just on walls or anything that you will normally call a vandal. but it is the vandalism writer's made on their paper using pencil, ink, blood, whatever! This vandals however are not insignificant (specially for young indie writers like me who [nearly] everyone judges we're too young to write or what we write is the same as baby talk.)

                                                                       But as I have said in my entry, "On moral obligation being a writer." ,That we still have the right to voice out our thoughts because it is something we thought that it is the right thing to do. We are all humans and we have to admit to ourselves that we still make mistakes. Even us do, so we need some correction (including our typographical errors and grammatical errors!), But sometimes we don't because of the wide diversity of the human race. Even if the president of one country writes, his own people might agree to him but sometimes his ideals are rejected in other countries.

"God made people simple, It is only them who complicate themselves(I'm not an exception!)."
                                                                     If ever you don't agree with me in this statement please you may delete this in your journal, but you don't have the right to ban me here or to take away my writing license(if I have any). That's one problem with people that I can tolerate, the narrowness of their understanding, because of them... (Parental Guidance is advised...) Jose Rizal caught a volley of bullets, Voltaire was humiliated, Galileo was (nearly) excommunicated, Tolstoy became(literally) frozen solid, some are burned alive, thrown in the lion's den to be eaten alive, hanged upside down and sliced into pieces, hanged on the noose and... whatever your imagination takes you. But the point is let us accept the ideas of others just like saying "I may not agree with the word you said, but I will defend to death your right to say it!". Because in whatever you read you may agree and also disagree, if you hate it or not,  AT LEAST YOU BECAME CONSCIOUS ABOUT IT THAT YOU DID NOT HAVE BEFORE!!!

                                                                   Another thing that I have to talk about is the lack of support for the "infant"(based on economic status) writers. Here you need a bachelor's degree only to be trusted to write a book that no one will read in actuality (Best example: Me! [And how ironical this issue can get?!?!]). And because of commercialism many publishers are unwilling to print and many bookstores are afraid to sell (I myself nearly don't read popular books), what more for those who want to go for self publishing(I'm thinking of it for my books)? I saw some books that really caught my eye like "Electronic pet care"(Tamagotchi?) not because it's very interesting but because I'm in awe of the freedom of writing in other countries(and they will really support you even if your book is not that eye-catching). But I don't blame this on our government alone (please take this cool dear congressman, president, whatever, because you might not allow my books to be sold either, and I'm not picketing at the E.D.S.A. shrine! Promise!).


                                                                Everything I have to say has been said and my anger has already cooled down I'm already happy if I see someone reading this and leaves this as it is even if he/she does not agree with me. To those who agree with me and leave some comments of thanks and encouragement SUPER THANK YOU!!! Your helping the writer's build up his strength and reputation in pursuit of knowledge and better self.

                                                                                        "Never judge a book by it's cover."

Here we go again... Plans revisited.

Ah... Here we go again, time to revisit my plans for a refresher (I always have that paper so I will not get lost and to remind me of  who I am now). It all started with a manuscript I wrote in school during my free time that caught immediate attention then  after a few weeks there was a whole slew of events that complicated the simple plan of mine... And now here we are the real thing in progress... Feels like a new road ready to be threaded upon, The cement (or asphalt if you will) is now level and the manholes can now be stepped upon. The book is going on smoothly with only a few problems like typographical errors and shortage of time but it's manageable. The only problem now is what to do with my extensive collection of self made manuscripts, I can't just throw them to the trash can to be published by the waste management only for it to be read at the landfill... Can I? Of course not! But for others such as Subterranean I have other plans for it, I'm turning it into a 2.5D Action-R.P.G.  For a teaser Subterranean is an underwater submarine combat simulator set in the future, It only has a few but large maps and the graphics are made in painstaking detail it's also a forget about much linearity in most R.P.G's this is much of a freelancer, your main objective is to just establish your own name in this underwater world, How? Freelance anywhere! Do missions, Fish, hunt for enemies... whatever! that's all I can give for now.

Writer's Block: My secret self

Do you have any hobbies, beliefs, or interests that you share exclusively on LiveJournal? How are your LiveJournal friends different from your offline friends?

Writing, Drawing, Game programming, I spill an ample amount of beans about my next project. I don't get a lot of reactions from my LiveJournal Friends since they don't see me work at 1st hand, while some of my friends here at home are really excited about my works.

My first book(in progress)

To break the deafening silence I decided to give you a real sneak peek in my first book in the making and here it is:

Cover art made by Blurb Booksmart:
Redeemed in blood By: John Ronald L. Olaes Copyright 2010

For it's story, (a little amount of beans is enough) let's just say you're torn between family honor and your best friend's goodness, your duty or your conscience.

As a Vampire given a chance to change: Will you still kill for your honor or to turn your back for the sake of your beloved and for what is good?


*It's more like a graphic novelette than a novel because it's a lot smaller and composed of about 40% Pictures (Sketched by me).
*Progress: I'm currently on the middle of Chapter 3: The Fledgling Game.

Writer's Block: Sweet and solo

Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid a social obligation so you could spend the evening by yourself? Do your friends and/or family understand when you need some quality time alone?

Yes, and that is time for me to meditate, think, and write, Some understand it's only my friends but my family, they do not understand me that much.

Writing, The name of the game!

Let the games begin! The writer's dilemma...

to all who are willing to understand...

There is no excuse, AWOL is not allowed and there's no turning back! Once started no one can't stop you even yourself, that is writing you may abandon your book for a long time but it will soon beckon you back, like my old manuscript that I've thrown in the dustbin that made me take it back and revive it due to insistent public demand! ("MS in a dustbin" by John Ronald L. Olaes. ROFL! :D)*

(*MS means manuscript during the times of Edgar Allan Poe author of "MS in a bottle.")

Sorry if I was delayed in posting here because I need some silent room to think and write, I pause on 1 book only to find some treasure in the dustbin, to revive the old idea (Okay...But it's not the Hate Book: "X my heart (I'm not really) okay"), a task that is nearly impossible to me because I have forgotten everything about it (except for the date I wrote it, it's fans and reactions from them and my signature, the only proof I wrote it).

But for a sneak peak the old book is about me inside the attic trying to find comfort in the most unusual and unbelievable way from my classmates that always tease and bully me. The book is full of human and extra-human experiences and feelings. Although it's not reality, it's actually a Surrealist or if you want... Fiction. Even though it's not very real it still has my mark on it my experiences with my classmates based on real events and my true self before and now.

The book I've been working on (on pause) is actually part of a series. It's a combination of mutants, robots, new world order, wars, supercomputer hacking, post nuclear apocalyptic world, and hope for a better future. Before I began writing it's story.. I found myself writing the source code for it started as a game!(I'm a game programmer too!) I also began making the concept art...

(Maybe before I can launch the book I might give you the free original game(teaser only!) about the series.)

I can't tell much more for now... I've spilled enough beans to keep you satiated and not gloated or hungry. Of course I'm also doing this for obvious reasons .

I'm now starting both in front of the PC with Blurb, Adobe Illustrator, 001 and my beloved pen, pencil and paper. I hope you'll be patient with me... thanks for your time!

Parenthetical remarks(however relevant) are unnecessary. by: Frank L. Visco

(!Game Over. Don't insert any coin to continue for there is no more replay!)
What is the one simple indulgence you could never live without? Would you consider giving it up permanently for any amount of money?

Sleep! It's relaxing... and you can't live without it, so why sell it?

"Sleep is the real reward for the hard day's work and the slave's freedom from the daily toil.
The best cure for the overworked mind of a writer is still sleep...
Sleep is a medicine that costs nothing, Doctors even recommend it."

Writer's Block: Single pride day

Given that we're less than a week out from Valentines, how do you feel about the approaching holiday? Will you participate or abstain? If you're not in a relationship, how will you celebrate your single status?

Well I think it's a nightmare since I'm always alone. I'm also your typical who likes Halloween than this. But if I'm to celebrate this occasion I think I'll just be more thoughtful what I'm writing,and to have an imaginary date with one of the characters...and if possible find a real date! our Junior/Senior prom is near!!!